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Book Review: With My Eyes Wide Open: Miracles & Mistakes On My Way Back to KoRn, by Brian “Head” Welch with Carol Traver

With My Eyes Wide OpenBrian “Head” Welch was a founding member of the highly successful metal band KoRn back in 1993, but in 2005 he became a Christian, left the band, kicked his alcohol and drug addictions, and committed to being a better father to his young daughter. After swearing multiple times over the years never to return, With My Eyes Wide Open: Miracles & Mistakes On My Way Back to KoRn is the raw, tear-jerking story of a new Christian making poor decisions, going through the ups and downs of learning what it means to really follow God, experiencing tremendous pain with a depressed and self-abusive daughter, and eventually following the Spirit to family restoration and redemption, including the Spirit’s leading in restoration of his musical family. Welch now uses his influence and opportunities as a touring metal musician to bring others to Christ for God’s glory.

It may be difficult for some to accept Welch’s position, but a thorough reading of the book of Acts in the Bible shows us that the Spirit doesn’t work the same way for everyone and certainly doesn’t lead everyone down the same paths to God’s glory. We’re all in different places in life with different skills and talents, and God pulls and prods us along where he wants us to serve him. After many seeming coincidences, much prayer, and the spiritual discernment of several trusted people, Welch gave in to God’s call to return to KoRn…and it’s been wonderful.

If I had not been reading the book in public, I would have let the tears run at least four times. There’s so much pain, so many horrible decisions, and yet, God is good and draws Welch and his daughter in even closer. I would again caution (especially young) readers that the Spirit doesn’t necessarily follow any of our observable patterns, so take Welch’s final letter at the end with a grain of salt—don’t be discouraged if your life doesn’t turn out with same kinds of amazing blessings, as God doesn’t make any of those promises about this life. However, I think this would be a great read for metal heads—or anyone!


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