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Movie Review: 94 Feet DVD

94 Feet DVDWhen I was contacted by FishFlix (they offer “Christian DVDs”) about potentially reviewing DVDs, I was open to it but requested that I know titles ahead of time so that I may determine if they would be something I’d be interested in at all so as not to waste their or my time. I didn’t hear back after that, but I did receive 94 Feet DVD in the mail today with an appreciation letter for being willing to participate and the title FishFlix had picked out for me. So, I did not request this particular movie, but I watched it anyway and will do my part.

94 Feet” states that it is based on true events. I’m not sure which part of the film represents those events, but it is about a mining town that suffered from tragedy in years past and is now facing severe cutbacks and another tragedy. I wouldn’t call it a Christian movie, though it is full of forced “conversion” stories that don’t make any sense—people asking others if they know Jesus, getting a negative response, telling them they can get a ticket to Paradise, and then praying Jesus into their heart. It gets weird when people begin trying to save others by praying them into heaven and then praying to one another. So, again, I wouldn’t call that “Christian” just because Jesus’ name is used.

The movie itself felt like a dress rehearsal for a high school play with a camera rolling. It appears that much of the final cut is from first-takes. The camera is often focused behind or to the side of what it intends—much of what the viewer is intended to focus on is quite blurry while someone’s shoulder or something in the background is crystal clear. There’s a lot of overacting, missed and fumbled lines, and makeup jobs that are fit for Halloween trick-or-treaters.

At 114 minutes, this movie was an endurance test. There’s not much else I can comment on without offering spoilers.


*I received this DVD from FishFlix for an honest review.