Book Review: Blessed Are the Misfits: Great News for Believers who are Introverts, Spiritual Strugglers, or Just Feel Like They’re Missing Something, by Brant Hansen

Blessed Are the MisfitsWe’ve never met, but Brant Hansen and I are great friends. We’ve never hung out, never spoken with one another, and don’t really have a clue who the other is, but we’re super tight. Okay, we exchanged a couple tweets back when I reviewed Unoffendable, copies of which I subsequently purchased for others and continue to promote every time someone looks at my library, takes one of my courses, or mentions US politics (so, like, every day). (Yes, I just unashamedly dropped a serious book plug in a review for another book. It happens.) But really, we’re brothers, and really get one another. Of course, since we’ve never had a real conversation you may be skeptical of my claims. I understand. But I just read Blessed Are the Misfits: Great News for Believers who are Introverts, Spiritual Strugglers, or Just Feel Like They’re Missing Something, and I’m pretty sure he’s been spying on me for a few decades and has used some sort of alien technology to tap into my brain and emotions (or lack thereof). Whatever the means, he knows me, and I know him.

If you want to know us—if you want to get us—read this book. If you want to relate, commiserate, and/or illuminate, read this book. If you’re not sure, read this book. Basically, read this book.

Introverts, logicians, autistics, head-cases, odd-balls, the lonely, normal people who know everyone else is weird: This book is for us. God loves us. Prepare to get got, and maybe even learn something about yourself along the way.

Extroverts, emotional nutcases, emoji lovers, the always smiling, hands-in-the-air-jumping-up-and-down-mega-church-praise-teams, people who know why “the CW” still produces shows and why people watch them: This book is for you. God loves you, and he wants you to know he loves us, too. Prepare to get us (or not…that’s cool, too), and love your fellow brother/sister with deeper understanding (or just love us…that’s cool, too).

That’s all you need to know. The rest is in the book. So…I guess wait until it’s published on November 28, 2017 (sorry, duplicating mine would get me into some serious trouble), or preorder it to make those numbers spike on release day (that’s a good thing for authors and publishers), or just go buy it now (if you’re reading this after 11/28/17, obviously).

Thanks again, Brant, for another gift from your God-given gift. I’m glad you listened to your friends and endured the self-effacing writing process to bless us with one more.

God bless all us misfits who only fit because Jesus perfectly shapes us. (Newsflash: We’re all misfits.)


*I received a temporary, unpublished digital copy for review from W Publishing Group via NetGalley.

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