Book Review: Approval Junkie, by Faith Salie

Approval JunkieI used to listen to NPR a lot, and I enjoyed the fun trivia of Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me. So, when I saw Faith Salie from that show had written a book called Approval Junkie, I thought it would be some fun, witty self-deprecation with a light “don’t be like me” message. Nope. This book is vulgar and uninteresting. I don’t understand why pulp fiction and trashy “romance” novels have such a wide readership, but they do, and I’m sure this book has its audience that will love it, too. Once I made it through chapter 7 of 22, “The Best Handjob Ever” (if you don’t know, don’t ask), I was done. In order to feel like I had not failed others by not finishing a book I agreed to review for the first time, I skimmed the rest as fast as I could and found nothing changed from the first third of the book.

I expected so much more, but I take responsibility for not doing my homework and finding out a bit more about the author than that of my experience with her radio show persona. I should not have picked up the book in the first place, as it was certainly not intended for someone like me. It’s garbage. But “one man’s garbage” I suppose some will say…


*I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


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